“Taking on the challenge of figuring out how tech could impact my work, and my team’s, gave me a whole new purpose within the firm."
The move follows co-founder Adam Neumann's resignation as CEO last week.
Nearly a quarter of reported violations of pumping law came from health care workers, a “pink-collar job” where 78 percent of workers are women.
A HuffPost investigation shows many low-wage workers are confined to filthy bathrooms, can't get breaks and even lose their jobs trying to pump.
The FDA said it found traces of a known carcinogen in Zantac and its generic equivalents.
General Motors now says company-funded benefits will continue uninterrupted during the work stoppage of nearly 50,000 workers.
“When boards mandate best practices for D&I, we accelerate our ability to boost the bottom line and build a better world.”
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Under Neumann, the co-working space company has burned through cash without a clear plan to become profitable.
“Ultimately, inclusion drives growth for companies because it creates an environment where innovation thrives.”
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Three current and former executives are accused of improperly influencing the car company’s share price,
"Diversity and inclusion efforts?help … to support?a culture in which our employees can be their authentic selves."
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The union will be covering the cost of COBRA during the lapse.
“Raising that bar means we must do the heavy lifting to attract, cultivate and retain diverse talent.”
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It's not that complicated. GM has been highly profitable, and workers haven't forgotten the sacrifices they made to prop up the company.
The auto industry hasn't seen a United Auto Workers walkout like this in years.
The union and the automaker failed to come to an agreement on a new four-year collective bargaining deal.
The work stoppage would involve nearly 50,000 workers. "We'll see them on the picket lines tonight," the union said.
Roughly 48,000 workers at General Motors facilities will go on strike at midnight Sunday over failed contract negotiations.
Projects that raise money on the site fear they will lose funders who want nothing to do with Kickstarter.
MoviePass' parent company appeared unsure if it the movie ticketing service would ever be restored.