Social Justice

Steven Reed won the mayoral vote in the majority-Black city known as a flashpoint in the struggle for civil rights.
Some of the women have serious medical issues, and lawyers worry they could die in detention.
Frank Nucera of New Jersey spewed racist vitriol and called Donald Trump "the last hope for white people."
Subsidized Obamacare plans won't count, according to a White House proclamation.
During the Days of Awe -- the Jewish calendar's holiest season -- progressive Jews are advocating for the rights of undocumented immigrants.
Nebane Abienwi, 37, from Cameroon had a "hypertensive event," U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said.
Frank Nucera allegedly slammed a Black teen’s head on a door and regularly used racial slurs. His trial raises major questions about police oversight.
“Equality can’t wait, and no one in a position to act should either," the philanthropist wrote on Wednesday.
President Donald Trump reportedly suggested a series of brutal and illegal actions to prevent migrants from crossing the border.
The Mexican-American star discussed America's immigration crisis, telling the story of her own family's journey as undocumented immigrants.
The president has a history of using racist and violent rhetoric about migrants, arguing before that firing on rock-throwing migrants should be allowed.
In the historic cradle of the civil rights movement, Black residents of North Birmingham, Alabama, now bear the burden in the fight against pollution.
One woman has been denied cancer treatment for more than two months. Other detainees have attempted to kill themselves.
The figure, capped at 18,000, would be the lowest level in the modern history of a program meant to aid people fleeing violence and persecution.
The new rule will likely face court challenges, as previous Trump administration policy changes designed to restrict immigration have.
The Pentagon and other federal departments have given President Donald Trump money to construct a border wall, but all he’s done so far is reinforce and renovate current barriers at the border.
21 years ago, Kirk Franklin released a single that forever changed my relationship with gospel, Christianity and social justice.
Trump has forced out many top officials at DHS this year amid frustrations with the agency's progress on reining in immigration along the Mexican border.