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Thanksgiving pies made of fruit, pumpkin, pecans and custard all require different handling.
Use up your turkey with delicious ideas from Yotam Ottolenghi, Virginia Willis and more brilliant cooks.
Here's why this Thanksgiving recipe is a brilliant idea.
These can help reduce bloating and other unpleasant symptoms of overeating. Here's what to drink and how to drink it.
Pro tip: Fennel seeds and peppermint can relax your body in ways you never knew.
Pumpkin, pecan and apple are just the beginning.
This recipe has all the familiar flavors we all know and love in our stuffing, without the carbs.
An entire menu of turkey, stuffing, sides and even a dessert that fit into the low-carb, high-fat diet.
These tweets may make you feel better about your turkey fails.
These desserts use ingredients like bourbon, chai, chocolate and coconut. And there's even a keto recipe.
This dressing will put a new spin on Thanksgiving.
When it comes to roasting a turkey, falling into food comas and following tradition, we've been told a lot of lies.
This Thanksgiving recipe is easier to make, more nutritious, and tastes even better as leftovers.
This Thanksgiving side dish is easy and beautiful.
Did you know you can mix a can of pumpkin with brownie mix and completely eliminate the need for oil, eggs and water?
Find out how these legendary chefs make their turkey, gravy, squash and cranberry sauce.
A can of pumpkin puree is about to give you the best fall pasta dish you'll make this season.
Consider duck, goose, pheasant, ostrich or partridge as your main dish this holiday.
A crispy new apple variety is coming soon. And millions of dollars are being spent to persuade you to buy it.
From Whole Foods to Harry & David, place an order and let someone else do the cooking.
Campbell's, Progresso, Healthy Choice ... let's break down the good and the bad.
It's a better deal than you would have seen on Black Friday.
Give yourself the gift of a healthy meal that's not so hard to prepare.
From Cuisinart to Calphalon, these cookware deals are sure to get you cooking.
Why not turn stuffing into a tortilla and make a taco instead of a sandwich?
Get cooking, because this Ninja Foodi Black Friday deal is live Nov. 29 only.
Do you eat the feast early or late? Gastrointestinal experts clear the air on which is better.
Writer Maya Kosoff tweeted out a request for "weird inexplicable retro family recipes," and the results are eye-opening.
HuffPost Finds readers loved these reusable bags on Prime Day, and now they're on sale for Black Friday.
If you've ever overcooked or undercooked your bird, know that others have done worse.
Made with only six ingredients, this is crispy on the outside, soft and moist on the inside, and packed full of flavor.
We're calling it: This gadget will replace your Instant Pot.
Get these recipes for homemade fruit sauce, pomegranate fig mostarda, homemade applesauce, bacon jam and chimichurri.
Useful stocking stuffers for people who love to cook.
House Method broke down the most-searched savory and sweet recipes in each state.
From Hawaii to the Northeast and in between, get Turkey Day recipes from all around the United States.
Between a changing industry and the pressure to cut costs, Americans are at risk from E. coli and salmonella.
Get away from the internet and crack open a beautiful cookbook to find your next hit meal.
These two terms are used interchangeably on Thanksgiving menus, but chances are you're rarely eating a yam.
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