Kyle Allen was booked in San Diego on battery and hate crime charges in an assault on three Muslim women.
Brandon Michael Fleury, 22, identified himself as confessed gunman Nikolas Cruz while harassing his victims on social media.
Andrew Lelling says the couple is facing a "substantially higher" prison sentence.
Little has confessed to strangling 93 women. The FBI has verified at least 50 of the claims and believes all of Little's confessions are "credible."
It took Florida deputies five hours to get the woman out of the ceiling.
The defendants, which include Jacksonville State University students, are accused of having sexual relations with two girls between the ages of 13 and 15.
Richard Dennis, 62, will not face charges for the shooting that's being called a "horrible accident."
Police are searching for two suspects involved in the mass shooting at Tequila KC Bar in Kansas City.
Joshua Brown lived across from Botham Jean and provided a key witness account at Amber Guyger's trial in September.
A recent investigation from the Associated Press found that hundreds of accused priests are now working as teachers, nurses and even counselors for sexual assault survivors.
Dr. Joel Smithers, 36, prescribed opioids to every patient who visited his Virginia office, totaling more than 500,000 doses over two years.
Khyler Edman got into a violent struggle with the burglar while defending his 5-year-old sister, police say.
Amber Guyger says she shot the man when she mistakenly entered his apartment instead of her own and confused him for an intruder.
The mass shooting in El Paso "underscores the continued threat posed by domestic violent extremists and perpetrators of hate crimes," the FBI said in a statement.
Authorities said the $350,000 in payments are proof the convicted sex offender is trying to influence witness testimony.
The multimillionaire financier was found with marks on his neck. Prison officials were treating it as a possible suicide attempt, according to reports.
Federal prosecutors are investigating the Saturday shooting that left at least 22 dead in a Texas Walmart as domestic terrorism and a possible hate crime.
Curt James Brockway's lawyer told reporters he is certain his client "was doing what he believed he was told to do, essentially, by the president.”
One gun store reportedly tallied double the usual number of sales in the week following the attack.
The warden at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan has also been temporarily reassigned.