Republicans for the Rule of Law aims to educate GOP voters on the facts with its new advertising campaign.
Andrew Napolitano and Jeffrey Toobin both highlighted the importance of EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland's impeachment revelations.
The Fox host used an analogy about Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein to make his case.
CNN host calls out GOP lawmakers for an insincere defense of the president.
Carrie Cordero and Jeffrey Toobin take on the former Pennsylvania senator.
Executives of the combined company, which will keep the Gannett name, acknowledged there will be layoffs.
The "Fox & Friends" co-host urged the president to stay off Twitter and let his GOP allies "fight it out" with Democrats in the impeachment inquiry.
The CNN host explained how he knows Trump won't testify in the impeachment inquiry with a tongue twister.
Cavuto also explained what constitutes "fake news" in his direct address to the president.
Daniel Dale broke down why Trump's latest untruths are unprecedented to "CNN Tonight" host Don Lemon.
There was a distinct fart-like sound as Rep. Eric Swalwell spoke with Chris Matthews.
Fred Smith slammed the newspaper's report on how the company drove its tax bill down to zero in 2018.
The longtime Republican strategist called Stone a racist, a misogynist and a jerk.
A survey by Gallup and the Knight Foundation finds Democrats much more willing than Republicans to see government funding help local news sources.
Lisa Kennedy said the president would have been better off keeping quiet during the former ambassador's testimony.
The Fox News anchor noted her extensive résumé and long bipartisan service as a U.S. diplomat.
The CNN host also warned against becoming distracted during the impeachment inquiry.
"Watching Fox News in prime time is like watching one of Trump's dreams come true," said CNN's Brian Stelter.
Laurence Tribe also described Trump as “essentially an anti-president.”
"Or he’s somewhere in between there — we don’t know what it is," the MSNBC host said.