Meet the key figures behind the scenes, from a journalist-turned-lobbyist to an evangelical writer, in the effort to preserve the kingdom's image after the killing.
Joe Biden has slammed Facebook for allowing the spread of an “objectively false” ad. The clip has already been viewed on Facebook millions of times.
"It’s sad when you see #wirch trend and know immediately it’s the President of the United States tweeting," one person tweeted.
The White House refused to cooperate with the impeachment inquiry, calling it an "unconstitutional" effort to overturn the 2016 election.
Unbound by truth on one of the world’s most powerful advertising platforms, Trump’s anti-impeachment ads are drawing in donors with clickbait disinformation.
Jacob Frey said he doesn't have time to be "tweeting garbage" as the mayor of a city, so he's surprised the president has time while governing a nation.
An eight-page letter to House leaders, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi, said that the White House will not cooperate with the inquiry into President Trump's actions.
The Democratic presidential hopeful is adopting much of what former candidate Jay Inslee put out.
Steven Reed won the mayoral vote in the majority-Black city known as a flashpoint in the struggle for civil rights.
The former president wants the impeachment inquiry to carry on, and he criticized the Trump administration's refusal to comply with the House investigation.
Trump's accusations against Joe Biden turn reality on its head. Biden’s Ukraine efforts were more likely to hurt his son’s company, not help it.
The report recommended that Congress consider new laws requiring disclosure of who pays for election-related online advertising.
A report from the GOP-led Senate Intelligence Committee says that Russian trolls celebrated success on election night 2016.
Some of the women have serious medical issues, and lawyers worry they could die in detention.
In the wake of scrutiny over the presidential candidate's own story of losing her job, the senator urged other women to come forward. So they did.
The move comes a day after the Commerce Department blacklisted 28 Chinese companies, citing concerns about the detention and abuse of Muslim minorities.
Back then, teaching was the national model for discriminating against pregnant workers and getting away with it.
The Labor Department acknowledges in an analysis that its new proposal on tipped workers might accomplish just that.