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A ban on face masks took effect in the Chinese territory on Saturday; a deluge of demonstrators have since taken to the streets in opposition to the measure.
Judge Khanakorn Pianchana, who shot himself in the chest on Friday, had accused his superiors of interfering with his verdicts.
Officials from Pyongyang and Washington failed to come to an agreement during a meeting in Sweden.
The 19-year-old victim's mother directly appealed to American leadership, saying, "President Trump, we're a family in ruin."
The new legal action comes a few days after Meghan Markle announced she is suing the Mail on Sunday for?publishing a private letter she wrote to her father.
The mask ban applies to all public gatherings, both unauthorized and those approved by police.
The climate activist is probably one of few teens on Earth who has had both the presidents of Russia and the United States throw shade at her.
A police employee who carried out the attack on officers was shot to death, authorities said.
Police said Tsang Chi-kin, 18, will be charged for attacking cops. Thousands have rallied in support of the teen and have called for police accountability.
Tuesday’s launch was the country's ninth round of weapons tests since late July.
At least 9 others were injured during the incident at the Savo Vocational College in Kuopio.
Nuclear negotiations have been at a standstill since talks in February between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump broke down.
Black-clad demonstrators held multiple pro-democracy rallies in Hong Kong on Tuesday as China’s Communist Party celebrated its 70th year of rule.
An air force helicopter, fishing vessels and more than 60 military personnel, including divers were searching for possible victims.
Peruvian President Vizcarra's decision came after lawmakers proceeded with holding a vote to replace almost all the members of the Constitutional Tribunal.
Thousands of demonstrators are calling for Haitian President Jovenel Mo?se to leave office amid the country's corruption, fuel shortages and spiraling inflation.
"This was a heinous crime," bin Salman told "60 Minutes" in a new interview. "But I take full responsibility as a leader in Saudi Arabia."
The coaster derailed at the La Feria amusement park and fell 33 feet, leaving two others injured.
As China's National Day approaches, police fired water cannon, rubber bullets and tear gas at petrol-bomb and brick-throwing protesters on Sunday.
More than 50 days into a lockdown of the troubled Muslim-majority territory, Kashmiris have adopted a policy of quiet non-cooperation to protest.