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Despite the stigma, these restaurants have provided opportunities for millions of people.
After watching the video, I wondered, "was that what Marie really thought of me?"
Admitting to the grief is embarrassing because we're told a dog's death isn't worthy of the same kind of sorrow as a human's death.
It felt like I’d been drowning for years, and now the pain of spanking was my own version of CPR.
Street harassment is a power trip; people who engage in it do so because they think runners are easy targets.
I don’t know how the medium knows what she knows, but what she is saying is uncanny.
In one tweet — which now has nearly 300,000 likes — I owned my beauty. For the first time in my life, I felt worthy and deserving.
The fact that I made such a desperate decision speaks to the kind of reform we need in this country.
My family never realized that he, like many other police officers, was struggling with his mental health.
Miller's case was a news and social media circus. Now she's reclaiming the narrative.
The first time I used the television to distract my daughter, I felt like a bad parent; these days I believe the opposite to be true.
Even in the least complicated of circumstances, divorce is one of the most complicated things you will ever do.
People may not expect you to return to work. And they won’t think anything of saying so.
What if now that my kids are grown and living their own lives and I’m over 50, my mission is accomplished and I’m just retired?
He was far closer in age to my daughters, but he helped me recognize something important about myself.